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Bamboo Cotton Towel

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Color: GRAY 1
  • This is an excellent towel and bath towel with high-cost performance. The product is made of 30% Microfiber fibre + 70% Bamboo charcoal fibre and has no irritation to the skin. Moreover, the product has excellent water absorption, fluffy and soft, high colour fastness, no peculiar smell, green colour, environmental protection, and other advantages.
  • After you take a bath, it can absorb the moisture on your body's surface well. Therefore, it is a necessary towel for home and life.
  • Applicable for: adults and children

Towel Size 1: 34x70cm (13.4x27.5")
Towel Size 2: 70x140cm(27.5x55.1")
Package including 1: 1pc(34x70cm) face towel
Package including 2: 1pc(70x140cm) bath towel
Package including 3: 1pc(34x70cm)+1pc(70x140cm)
Package including 4: 2pcs(34x70cm)+1pc(70x140cm)
Package including 5: 2pcs(34x70cm)+2pcs(70x140cm)